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There is a continuous feature improvements and supports are being made to Python programming language. Some of the major released versions are given below

Python 1.0The first major version of Python released on Jan 1994
Python 2.0Released on Oct 2000 with license owned by Python Software Foundation
Python 2.7The last major version of Python in 2.x series released on June 2009 and support ended on Jan 2020
Python 3.0Released on Dec 2008 with fundamental design changes
Need to Know :

Python3 was designed to rectify some fundamental design flaws in the language emphasizing on removing duplicate features and modules. These design changes broke the full backwards compatibility with the 2.x series and much of Python2 code does not run on Python3 without required modifications.

Some of the major changes included for Python3 were:
• Strings are handled as Bytes in Python2 whereas in Python3 its Unicode.
• Print in Python3 used as a built-in function rather than as a statement in Python2
• Exception handling. 



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